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48 Hour 100% Grass-fed Beef Broth



We simmer Open Space Meats Beef marrow bones and knuckles slowly for 48 hours until every last nutrient has been extracted. It never reaches a boil and is skimmed meticulously, ensuring the purest, most flavorful, and nutrient-dense product possible. Bone broth has a multitude of uses in the kitchen or can be easily reheated and sipped on anytime. Consume bone broth made from naturally raised animals for better looking skin, increased energy and digestion, or to aid muscle and joint repair.

Product details: 32 fl oz (4 servings of 8 fl oz each).

Ingredients:  Water, Open Space Meats Beef marrow bones and knuckles, onion, celery, carrot, peppercorn.

Product Pricing: $20

Use this delicious bone broth as a base for soups, casseroles and sauces – it’s easy to store in your freezer and ready to use. No need to learn how to make beef stock, shop for the ingredients, leave the broth simmering all day, or to clean up afterwards – an excellent choice for those who seek optimal nutrition through bone broth, but are short on time!
We recommend drinking this delicious chicken broth daily, instead of a morning cup of coffee, or as a soothing end to a long day.


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